In our prior article we introduced the business and functional requirements for our Resume Publishing application. Business requirements detail "what" the does and "why" someone uses the the application. In this installment, we discuss the internal requirements. That is, "how" the application performs it's functions.

Data Structure Summary
Per our business and functional requirements the resume document is divided logically into row and columns.

The resume document contains one to many rows.

Each row contains one to twelve columns.

Each column contains a content property and a width property.

Each row contains a location property. (I.E. it's line number within the resume document).

The relationship between a row and a column is referred to as a row_column (or cell).

Each row_column contains a location property (I.E. horizontal position of the column inside the row). Note! This also allows for a future enhancement where a column is defined once but displayed many times within the document.

Data Structure Details




We need a collection (list) for each of the above entities:

Each collection must allow us to:

Display Attributes
As mentioned before, we are going use the Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework to produce our "responsive" layout.

Specifically, we are going to use the "Fluid Grid system" described here: As mentioned above, each row is contains one to twelve columns. Twitter Bootstrap "span[n]" CSS class defines the column width. So "span1" is 1/12th the width of the row. "span12" would make the column's width 100% of the row's width. All rows contain the same width.

In addition, you can a second Twitter Bootstrap CSS class to indent a column. For examaple, "offset2" indents the column 2/12th's of the row. I would refer to the Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework official documentation for further details.

Data Rules and Validations
For the initial design and release we aren't going to implement any validations. However, we do have a couple rules worth noting.

Initial Implementation on GitHub
I've added our project to GitHub here:

I implemented just enough of our requirements to render a simple grid.

I added the html, css and JavaScript in branch dev-1.0 here:

We our next installments, we will implement the rest of our application's requirements.

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