Where Do I Install Custom Modules

Create a new subdirectory under [base drupal location]/sites/all/modules . Install optional and custom modules in the new subdirectory.

Don't use the "modules" directory that is created with your base Drupal installation. When it comes time to upgrade Drupal itself (e.g. 6.14 to 6.15), you need to be able clearly identify optional and custom modules. Therefore, create a new subdirectory under [base drupal location]/sites/all/modules.

What is a optional module? Modules that are not included in the base Drupal installation. Modules that are listed at http://drupal.org/project/Modules . As you build your Drupal web site, you may find that an optional module provides functions that the base Drupal does not provide.

What is a custom module? A custom module is usually written by yourself. You need to be an advanced Drupal user and undestand computer programming. Actually most of the optional modules are "custom" modules contributed by programmers to the Drupal community.



Great Tip

Thanks for the simple, yet very useful tip. On Drupal 6 it's really not obvious that's where you are supposed to install optional modules.