About Public Action

Greetings. My name is Lorin. Public Action is my website.

About me.
I wrote and recorded "Learn to Say Goodbye", reviewed as "the best Clash song the Clash never wrote".

I added bi-directional indexing to the database engine servicing the first online trading system (Globex - Reuters, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) - written in "C").

I wrote the "TeleStat" system for the CME (first release). Written in J2EE and VoiceXML, TeleStat reported market positions over the telephone.

I have written and spoke publicly on politics, art, public policy, social justice issues, here there and everywhere.

My web site "Public Action" is read by hundreds of programmers each day. I have written extensively about the PHP content management system "Drupal".

I architect and document computer programs, information systems. Versed in all tiers (front-end, back-end, etc)

I am creative, analytical and I can think critically. I like to read. I run a couple miles along Lake Michigan each day. I enjoy learning. I stay current with technology.

Please use our contact box if you are interested in hiring me. Please no recruiters :)